Besides offering an effective learning tool to enable children’s understanding in maths, it also benefits to enhance:


  • Logical Understanding

With the abacus training, the children develops the ability to visualize an abacus, imagine abacus and apply the logic to do correct movement of beads in mind. The ability to apply logical understanding aid children in various situations and day to day life scenarios.

  • Pictorial memory

The abacus learning program enables children to to picture the position of the beads and conduct bead movement in the mind. Photographic memory allows student to capture pictures and experiences in their memory.

  • Enhanced visualisation

The children are trained to visualize an abacus in their mind and move its imaginary beads when the question is  read out them. With the constant practice, they develop the ability to visualize which is useful in other studies as well as in other activities.

  • Boost concentration

In order to answer math sums, children needs to concentrate on the question when it is being read to them so they can visualize it in their mind. This exercise becomes a habit when incorporated throughout training program and as a result boost concentration.

  • Ability to Recall

The continuous practice of recalling the sum and the image of abacus with related movements enhances the children’s ability to recall. Ability to recall is significant for students as if they aren’t able to recall they will fail to score good, either in abacus or any other exams.



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