Our Story

Abdullah who is a Dubai returned, largely observed that kids in pre schools have weak base in Maths which turned into a big problem in future when they joined High schools. In order to solve this widespread issue, he came up with a popular abacus program that leads to complete Brain Development. Each abacus training session is for two and half months which enhances kids mental ability and provide them the opportunity to learn through play using abacus.

A Journey towards Mental Growth Progression.”

Muhammad Abdullah, Co-Founder

Putting Abacus To Work

MathGenius offers children with an opportunity to enhance their mental growth with a specialised abacus based program. It not only aids children towards mental learning but also in improving children’s concentration, confidence and self-motivation.

We at MathGenius collaborate  our efforts to include learning through play. We believe that for children, the effective learning could only be translated through fun and healthy experiences.

Abacus theory

Abacus, a popular ancient instrument invented 2500 years ago in China and later widespread through countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. A simple instrument used to perform arithmetic calculations and now largely used in a brain development program.

Abacus is a gift for children to shine in the subject of maths, providing a solid foundation for children to excel in the language in future. It offers an effective way to polish young brains particularly who are scared from numbers

Meet Our Team

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